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Amazing Facts About Qiyamul Lail

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Posted 06 October 2004 - 07:54 PM

As salam Alykom dear brothers and sisters
I received this article on an email from our brother AbuMubarak in Arabic. It is amazing could not help but to translate and share it with my family members.

According to a book titled “Household pre tested experiences and secrets of natural treatment” composed by a group of American authors in 1993, it was proved that getting out of bed during the night, limited movement around the house, doing light exercise, making water massage for the limbs, and taking a deep breath has various health benefits.

Looking at such advice, we can easily see that it fully agrees with the movements we make during wodu (ablution) and prayer during night time.

Our teacher, leader and beloved Prophet (salla Allah a`alyhee wa sallam) was a pioneer before all these researches to refer to the miraculous effect of night prayer (Qiyamul layl).

He said:” I advice you to maintain night prayer Qiyamul layl for it is the tradition of the righteous people who preceded you, a means to become closer to Allah May He be Glorified, a means to refrain from sins, expiation of sins, and a repulsion of illness from the body” (reported by Ahmed and Termidhi and Albani included it under 4079 in his Sahih Jame`).On how does night prayer (Qiyamul layl) could repulse illness from the body, the following was proved:
Praying at night allows a decrease in the level of cortisol (which is the natural steroid generated in the body) specially in a few hours before waking up which actually corresponds to the last third of the night (sahar time).

This vital process protects diabetics from a sudden increase in the blood sugar, protects also against a sudden increase of the blood pressure, brain and heart stroke.

Night prayer also diminishes blood-clotting threats in the retinal vein, which occurs due to the slow blood flow during sleep, which in turn increases the blood viscosity due to the lack of fluids, or obesity. In such case obesity causes difficulty of breathing which in turn hinders the return of vein blood from the head.

Also patients of articular infection (due to rheumatism or other) benefit much of the performance of night prayer which helps in the improvement of the infected parts with the light movement and water massage during wodu.

On another side, night prayer (Qiyamul lail) is a successful treatment for the so-called time exhaustion. During the prayer one achieves a balance between a regular movement which involves light or medium effort which proved effective treatment. Also Qiyamul lail rids the body of the Triglaycride which accumulates in the blood specially after having high fat dinner which increases the threat of coronary artery with a 32%.

Qiyamul lail minimizes as well the threat of death due to heart or brain strokes as well as a number of malignant tumors.

It also minimizes possibilities of sudden death due to unstable heart beats because it allows one to breath unpolluted air.

On the other hand, because it entails recitation and reflection of Quran, supplications of the morning and evening, it stimulates the memory as well as other mental functions of the brain. Therefore it protects against depression, Alzheimer's and other old age diseases.
For unknown reasons, Qiyamul lail minimizes as well some of the ear diseases.

Dr. Salah Ahmed Hussain
Professor with School of Medicine of Asuit University (Egypt)
Published in Ahram 27/7/2004

Say (O Muhammad): "O you humankind! If you are in doubt as to my religion (Islam), then (know that) I will never worship those whom you worship, besides Allah. But I worship Allah Who causes you to die, I am commanded to be one of the believers.(Quran 10:104)

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