Breaking Fast to Save Life


Breaking Fast to Save Life

Whoever is compelled to break his fast for a valid reason, such
as donating blood to save a life, and he or she does not have
strength to do so without food, the person is allowed to break
his fast. Indeed, it is mandatory on him to break, because sav-
ing a life is mandatory. As they say: Mala, yatimul wajib ilia
bihi fahuwa wajid. (An action necessary to accomplish a man-
datory act is mandatory.) Similarly, the person who needs to
break his fast to gain strength so as to participate in defending
Muslim life and property should break his fast.

In a hadith reported by Abi Sa’ed Al-Khudri (raa) he said:

“We journeyed with the Messenger of Allah to Makkah
while observing the fast of Ramadan. When we stopped
at a place, he said, ‘You are getting near your enemy
and breaking fast will help you gain your strength.’ This
was a concession. Some of us continued to fast, while
others broke their fast. Then, we stopped again, and the
Messenger of Allah (saas) said, ‘You are meeting your
enemy in the morning and breaking fast is better for
your stamina.’ ‘Break!’ That was an order. So, we
broke.” (Muslim/ Ahmed)

This hadith indicates how the desire to regain strength is an in-
dependent reason, besides a journey, to permit someone to
break his fast.

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