Examples of Supplications During Ramadan


Examples of Supplications During Ramadan

It has been reported that the Messenger of Allah (saas) used to say the following:

“Allahumma Inne as aluka birahma – tikal Latee wasi’at kulla shain an Taghfirale”

(O Allah, I request You by Your mercy that encompasses eve-rything in the creation to forgive me.)


“Dhahaba Zamau, wabta lati’uruq, wa Thabatal Ajru In Sha Allah.”

(The thirst is gone and the throats are wet again and the reward is established, Allah willing.)


“Allahumma laka sumtu wabika a mantu wa ‘alaika Tawakaltu, wa’ala rizquka aftartu.”

(O Allah, I fasted for Your sake. I believed in You and relied on You and I break my fast on your provisions.)

The above supplications have been reported from the Messen-ger of Allah (saas). Anyone of them may be said before you put the date or water in your mouth.

Speaking of iftar, it is rec-ommended to be in a state of purity, (wudu) before iftar, so that when the adhan is called for Maghr ibpr ay cr, anyone who hears the adhan should breakfast immediately at the sound of Allahu Akbar and should not wait until the adhan is completed.

The caller will break after adhan.

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