Insane (Majnun)


Insane (Majnun)

The insane or retarded person is not obligated to keep his fast
because he is deprived of sanity, a key component on which
religious duties depend. In a hadith related by Ali Bin Abi
Talib (raa), the Messenger of Allah (saas) said:

“The Pen that records the deeds has been lifted from
three people; the insane person, until he recovers; the
sleeping person, until he wakes up; and the minor, until
he dreams (i.e., has wet dreams.)” (Ahmed)

This hadith indicates the fast of the insane person, for instance,
is not valid because he cannot comprehend the worship, and he
cannot meaningfully declare intention (niyyah), without which
the acts are invalid. If he has mental relapses whereby he is
healthy, and then on occasion is sick, the fast is mandatory
upon him during the days and times he is healthy but not when
he is unhealthy.

If he intends to fast in the morning, and he falls ill during this
time, his fast is good as if he fainted as a result of illness, be-
cause he knows that he may experience an attack at certain
times. If he gets well during the daytime in Ramadan, he
should observe the fast the rest of the day because he is obli-
gated to fast. However, he does not have to make up the day
because his case is like that of unbeliever who becomes Mus-
lim time or a minor he reached puberty during the day.

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