Minor (Sabiyy)


Minor (Sabiyy)

Similarly, the minor person is not obligated to observe fast
(Sawm), because of the previous hadith related by Ali bin Abi

“… And the minor until he dreams.”

However, it is imperative that the parents or the guardians of
the juveniles or adolescents encourage and urge them to fast so
they will get used to it. It will be vital training for them in their
worship, because they will not have any chance for training as
soon as they reach puberty.

In a hadith reported by Rubayyiah Bint Mau’awwidh (raa), the
Prophet (saas) sent a messenger to the village of Ansar on the
morning of Ashura to inform them:

“Whoever wakes in fasting should continue his fasting,
whoever wakes up without fasting should complete his
day in fasting. So we used to fast, let our young children
fast, and go to the Masjid with them. When one of the
children cried for food, we would make toys from wool
and give them to the children until it was time to break
the fast.” (Bukhari and Muslim)

This hadith indicates that training minor boys and girls is
highly recommended early in life, from about seven years of
age for the spiritual, educational, and cultural upbringing of
Muslim youth. It is the most powerful symbol of our religion.

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