Fasting Patience


Fasting helps in conditioning the heart, the soul,

and the body on the virtues of #patience, tenacity, and firmness in the face of adversity.

Patience is the pinnacle of self-mastery, discipline and spiritual agility.

Patience is to turn the phrase “I can’t” into “I can.” It is to say, the difficult is easy.

It is an inner and psy-chological demolition of things perceived by others as impos-sible.

#Fasting helps in all these shades for the virtuous, patient person because, the conditioning is that if a believer can exer-cise patience,

and forsake gourmet #food and drink, and the ex-hilaration we enjoy while eating or drinking our favorites, as well as marital association,

the gratifying of other normal appe-tites for a whole day,

for a month the realization that the barrier between you and food is your consciousness of your Creator, 

can better make you able to exercise patience in virtually eve-rything in life.

Essentials of Ramadan The Month of Fasting