Ramadan Believers

Ramadan Believers

Ramadan Believers

There are some Muslims who run away from all aspects of

They use all their energies, not for good deeds, but living a worldly life empty of faith. But come Ramadan, they will head home to Allah for repentance.

They will become ac-tive again in prayer and fasting, and they will frequent the ma-sajid.

But no sooner are Ramadan and Eid over, that they return to their old habits, living on the edge again, putting on the gar-ment of disbelief.

These people should know Allah is not alive only in Ramadan.

If they worship Allah only in Ramadan, it would be better for them just to s top worshipping altogether,

because, as we mentioned earlier, if Ramadan does not benefit you the rest of the year, it is as if you did not have Ramadan at all.

Essentials of Ramadan The Month of Fasting