Social Outlook


Social Outlook

Socially, fasting is an expression of solidarity with the poor, the family and the whole society.

This is a period in which the rich have first-hand experience of what it is to be poor, the pains the indigent suffers in normal living conditions.

The process of disciplining resulting from Islamic fasting, instills in the rich the virtue of mercy, Rahmah, which is very important in terms of social well – being and proliferation of harmony.

Allah bestows his mercy upon those who themselves are merci- ful to others.

“Those who are merciful to others, the Merciful will have mercy upon them,”

the Messenger said. He continued,

“Have mercy upon those on earth, and those in heaven will have mercy upon you.” (Abu Dawud/Tirmidhi)

Essentials of Ramadan The Month of Fasting