Spending in Allah’s Way

Spending in Allah’s Way

Spending in Allah’s Way

The eighth important thing to do in Ramadhan is to spend generously in Allah’s

Spending in Allah’s Way is the greatest act after the obligatory prayers. It consists
of spending everything bestowed by Allah, including time and energies of body and
soul, but most of all, spending wealth.

It is because wealth is the most cherished and liked of the world. And it is the love of the world that is the cause of all weaknesses.

The Holy #Prophet (pbuh) was the most generous and benevolent of all people. Yet
with the advent of #Ramadhan and after his meeting with angel Gabriel his
generosity and giving nature would know no bounds. In his generosity, he was like
the rain-bearing winds.41 He would also free the prisoners and give alms to anyone
who knocked at his door.

Promising 700 times more reward for every grain and coin spend in His way, #Allah
has said that He could grant even more if He so wills.

This promise is there in His Book, whose veracity cannot be doubted in the least.

Can there be any other business with the promise of so huge a profit?

And can there be any better time for such investment than Ramadhan – when obligatory acts’ reward increases 70
times and that of supplementary acts reaches the value of the obligatory deeds?

#Spending in Allah’s Way is an essential characteristic of true #believers. It is the
basic condition for piety and inevitable to achieve it.

In Ramadhan, the combination of fasting and #charitable spending makes your efforts to achieve piety
more effective and fruitful. Open up your fist for the establishment and spreading
of Allah’s message.

Give out in Allah’s way as much of your wealth as possible for orphans and the destitute. When you are already braving hunger and thirst, you should also bear the burden on your pocket.

But whatever you give out, give it solely for the sake of Allah without entertaining any hopes of gratefulness or
return from anyone: “We feed you only for Allah’s sake; we do not seek of you any
recompense or thanks.”42

It would be a great calamity if you give in charity and make an investment, but
waste both the investment and profit by your own hands.

After proper accounting, take out #Zakat, too, in this month. This will bring
regularity in addition to the 70 times more reward.

Making the Most of Ramadhan


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42 Al-Qur’an 76:9