Four wishes for four women

British . German. Italian . French


First British and wrote her wish a hundred years ago !

In an article published in 1901, famous author Atie Rudd said:

Because our daughters in the house servers or servers,

the best and easiest scourge of their work in the labs

where the girl becomes contaminated with the walls of her life goes forever.

Would not our country, like the Muslim countries, have decency, chastity and purity?

It is a shame for the English country to make its daughters an example of the vices with a great deal of contact with men,

so what we do not seek is what makes the girl work in accordance with her natural instinct to do in the house,

and leave men’s men’s work safety for her honor.

The second is German

She said: I want to stay in my house,

but as long as the marvel of the modern German economy did not include all strata of the people,

such a thing (return home) is impossible, unfortunately!

Magazine this week quoted the German .

The third is Italian

She said, addressing Dr. Mustafa Sibai – may God have mercy on him -:

I am a Muslim woman, and I wish that if I was born in your country.

The fourth is French

I was told by a Muslim doctor who lives in France. He told me about it in the month of Ramadan last year 1421 H.

When his colleague at work – a French Christian doctor – asked him about his Muslim wife’s veiled status!

how do you spend your day at home ? And what’s her daily program ?

He replied: When you wake up in the morning,

the children need to be arranged for school, then sleep until the ninth or tenth,

and then get up to complete what the house needs to arrange and clean,

and then care about the house kitchen and food processing.

I asked him: Who spends it, and it does not work ?!