Your way to Islam : HOW TO DEVELOP YOUR ISLAM?



Becoming a #Muslim after becoming convinced is opening a plain page in your deed record.

Whatever bad deeds you have committed before, Allah will forgive because of your embracing Islam.
Becoming a Muslim is like starting a new life.

You have to grow and develop in Islam. How can you do so? By the following:

Firstly: Increasing your knowledge of Islam, through:

Reading the Qur’anic text.

Reading some interpretations of the #Qur’an.

Reading Traditions (Sayings) of Prophet #Muhammad, ‘Alayhis-salatu was-salamu).

Reading the biography of Prophet Muhammad –‘Alayhis-salatu was-salamu).

Reading the biographies of the great #Muslim figures among our righteous fore-Muslims who propagated Islam and proclaimed it to mankind.

Attending #Jumu‘ah (Friday) congregational prayer, listening to its #Khutbah (#sermon) and praying with #Muslims.

Attending the two ‘Eid (#holiday) prayers.

Performing the five daily prayers in congregation at the mosque whenever you are able to do so.

Attending Islamic religious, teaching sessions.

Contacting scholars, shaikhs, mosque #imams (leaders) and preachers, introducing yourself to them and asking them about any #Islamic matter you need to know.

They are always happy to provide you with the required clarification.

Having one or more friends of good #Muslims who are fairly knowledgeable about #Islam to be your permanent reliable reference.

Read as much as you can of the basic sources of Islam (The #Qur’an and As-Sunnah) and of the authentic and trustworthy writings about Islam to understand it more.

You will learn a lot about the laws and systems of Islam related to worship, family structure, life activities, manners, economic and public affairs.

You will know the ideology of Islam and its view in regard to creation, the universe, man, and life.

#Islam is not rituals or #morals only, it is in fact a comprehensive system for society, a constitution for the state and a way of life.

Secondly: Doing good deeds as much as you can:

Try to do good deeds more than the five basic duties mentioned before, such as:

Performing voluntary prayers, in addition to the compulsory five daily prayers.

Helping the poor and the needy by extra charity in addition to Zakat, or by assisting them in carrying out their necessary difficult duties.

Fasting a day or more other than in Ramadan.

Taking part in useful social projects aimed at reforming Muslim Society.

Inviting others to embrace Islam.

Your way to Islam