Your way to Islam : ISLAMlC MORALS



A Muslim always speaks the truth, he never tells lies.

A #Muslim is true to his word, not treacherous, honest, does not betray.

A Muslim does not speak badly of other Muslims behind their backs.

A Muslim is courageous, not cowardly.

A Muslim is very enduring in situations of defending the truth, bold in saying the truth.

A Muslim is just with others, even against himself; does not transgress others’ rights; also, does not accept to be treated unjustly by anyone; he is strong and does not accept to be humiliated by anybody.

A Muslim consults about all of his affairs, and (after that) puts himself in Allah’s hands.

A Muslim performs his work as perfectly as he can.

A Muslim is modest, merciful, does good and enjoins it, abstains from evil and forbids it.

A Muslim strives and fights for the victory of Allah’s cause, and for His Deen (religion) to spread.

A Muslim woman wears her Islamic dress which must cover the whole of her body, in front of any stranger (whom she can marry).


Before you start eating or drinking, say: (bismillahi) meaning: “(I start) in the name of Allah”.

Eat with your right hand.

When you finish eating or drinking, say: (al-humdu lillah) meaning: “All praise is due to #Allah ”.

When you meet any brother in Islam, shake hands with him, smile at him, and greet him, saying: (as-salamu alaykum wa rahmatul-lahi), meaning “Peace be upon you and Allah’s mercy”.

And when a Muslim brother greets ye first, answer his greeting by saying: (wa ‘alaykumu s-salamu wa rahmatul-lahi wa barakatuh) which means: “And upon you (too) be the peace, and the mercy of Allah, and His blessings”.

When you see the dawn breaking or the fall of evening, say: (Asbahna (or Amsayna) ‘ala fitratil-Islam) “We enter the morning (or evening) with our Islamic nature pure”. (Wa kalimatul Ikhlas), and with the statement of sincere faith”. (Wa deeni nabiy-yina #Muhammad ) “Adhering to the Path of our Prophet Muhammad”. (Wa millati abina Ibrahima hanifan musliman) “And to the Path of our father Abraham, true in faith, a Muslim’ (Wa maa ’ana minal mushrikina) “And, certainly, I am not a polytheist”.

When you see the new moon, say: (Hilala Khayrin wa rushdin) “(You be) a moon of goodness and straight forwardness”, (Allahumma ahillahu ‘alayna bilyumni wal Iman) “Allah ! Make it dawn on us with blessing and belief”. (Was-salamati wal-Islam) “And with safety, and submission!”

When you visit a sick person, say: (Bismillah)”In the name of Allah” (Allahumma Adh-hibil ba’s rab-ban-nasi) “O Allah! Take harm away, Lord of mankind!” (Allahumma ishfi wa ‘antash-shafi) “O Allah Heal (him) ! Your are (really) the healer,” (la shifa ’illa shifa’uka) “(In fact) there is no healing but the healing you give. “ (Shifa’an la yughadiru saqaman) “Grant recovery that leaves no ailment behind!”

When you enter the mosque say: (bismillah “In the name of Allah” (Was-salatu was-salamu ‘ala rasulillahi) “ Blessings and peace be upon Allah’s Messenger.” (Allahumma ‘ighfir li dhunubi) “O Allah ! Forgive me my sins, “(wa ftah li abwaba rahmatika) “And open for me the gates of your mercy”
When you go out of the mosque, say the same, but, instead of the last portion, say:

(wa ftah li abwaba fadlika) “And open for me the gates of your grace!”

When you go to your home, say: (Al-hamdu lil-lahil allathi ’at‘amana wa saqana wa ’aawana) “Praise be to Allah Who provides us with food, drink and shelter!”. (Fakam miman la kafiya lahu wala mu’wiya) “So many are there who have none giving them provision or shelter.” Repeat whenever you can, these favorite phrases of glorification,

(Subhanallah) “Glory be to Allah.!”.

(Walhamdulillah) “Praise be to Allah !”.

(Wa la’ilaha,illal-laah) “No (true) god except Allah

(Wallahu akbar) “Allah is the Greatest !”

(Wa la hawla wa la quwwata ’illa bil-lahi) ‘There is no power nor strength save by Allah !”.

Also, repeatedly send your prayers of blessings to Prophet Muhammad – Salla ‘Allahu alaihi wa sallam –, particularly when you hear his name uttered, or when you utter it; you will say: (Sallal-lahu alaihi wa sallama) “May Allah give him blessings and peace!”

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