Your way to Islam : What is Islam?

What is Islam


To achieve this, it is #sufficient to say (in Arabic, if possible):

’Ash-hadu ’an la ilaha ’illaal-lah!

Wa ‘ash-hadu ‘an-na Muhammadan rasulul-lah

Wa ‘ash-hadu ‘an-na ‘isa abdul-lahi wa rasuluhu

Bari’tu min kulli dinin yukhalifu dinal-Islam

The meaning of this is as follows:

I bear witness that there is no (true) god except #Allah.

And I bear witness that #Muhammad is Allah’s #Messenger.

And I bear witness that Jesus is the slave and messenger of Allah.

deny and refuse any #religion except #Islam.

Also you can say:

I (firmly) believe in #Allah , His #Angels, His scriptures, His #Messengers, the Last Day, and in the ability of Allah to will the existence of good or bad.

I promise Allah not to associate with Him (in #worship) anyone or anything (whatsoever), and,

I will steadfastly perform #Salat (the Five #Prayers), and

I will give out #Zakat (special Islamic system of charity), and

I will never steal, and

Never commit adultery (or fornication), and

Never illegally kill a person, and

Never disobey Allah.

Praise be to Allah Who has guided me to belief !

Note: The person in charge, in front of whom a new Muslim has announced his conversion to Islam, prays Allah for him with such prayers: Allah may forgive me and you! And Allah may accept (submission) from me and you! O Allah! Accept him with those on whom You did bestow your Grace, of Prophets, the Sincere (lovers of Truth), the Witnesses, and the righteous! What a beautiful Fellowship!

CHAPTER 5 What is Islam?

Islam is (composed of) three (main) areas: Utterance, faith, and deeds.

The utterance was explained in chapter 4.

Faith is to believe in Allah, the Angels, the Heavenly Scriptures, Prophets, the last Day and in the ability of Allah to will the existence of good or bad.

Deeds are: Salat (Prayers), Zakat (Alms-giving), #Siyam (#Fasting), and #Hajj (#Pilgrimage).

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