Farewell circumambulation (Tawafl wada`a)


A Report on the issues of Hajj

By Sheikh Khalid Bin Abd Al Aziz Al Hueiseen

Compiled by: Abu Mujahed Al Maziani

Farewell circumambulation (Tawafl wada`a) :

1- It is a Wajeb.

2- It is the last item among Haj rituals.

3- It is Wajeb for all except four conditions:

4- A menstruating or woman in post natal, those who live in Mecca or those who intend to accommodate in Mecca.

5- A ransom of slaughtering an animal must be give to the poor people of the Haram for missing it.

6- In case one can not afford the ransom, he/she may delay it till later even if the time duration extends.

7- The amount of the ransom must be taken out of the inheritance of one who died witout performing Tawaf Wad` nor did give out the ransom.

8- Those who accommodate in Jeddah are not obliged to perform Tawaf Wad` upon returing back to Jeddah.

9- It is recommended for those who live outside the borders of Haram not to go out unless after performing the Tawaf Wad.

10- Rulings of Tawaf Wad is similar to any other Twaf. Yet it does not include trotting or revealing a shoulder for men. But 2 one prays 2 Raka`a after completion.

11- One who makes Tawaf Wad then spends the night at Mecca must repeat it.

12- One who makes Tawaf Wad is allowed after completion to buy food, drinks or other.

13- It is not to be repeated in case one completed the Tawaf Wad but had to wait for hours till his/her company finish their Tawaf.

The manual is completed and praise be to Allah.

The devotee who is seeking Allah’s Pardon Abu Mujahid Al Maziani say:

I invoke upon Allah to dedicate the reward of this deed to my father may Allah Have Mercy on Him.

To she who helped me be good to my father may Allah reward her much.

I also invoke upon Allah to Make his grave part of Jannah.

Allahum Forgive us, our scholar, our parents and all Muslims.

Allahum make it a useful knowledge for those who read it or spread it among Muslims.

Allahum we invoke upon you to grant us Your victory that You promised for our brothers Mujahedden in the whole world.

Allahuma Makes it a sincere effort for You.

10 Dhil Q`eda 1425

A Report on the issues of Hajj

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