Recommended (Mustahab) acts prior to Haj

Recommended (Mustahab)

A Report on the issues of Hajj

By Sheikh Khalid Bin Abd Al Aziz Al Hueiseen

Compiled by: Abu Mujahed Al Maziani

Recommended (Mustahab) acts prior to Haj :

1. It is one of the five possibilities governing the status of deeds in Shaira which are: obligatory (Fard), prohibited (Muharam), not recommended (Makrouh), permissible (Mubah) and recommended (Mustahab).
2. What is the difference between the recommended (Mustahab) deeds and Sunnah?

3. The Sunnah includes sayings and actions of the Messenger sallah Allah a`alyhee wa sallam in addition to what he approved of actions as he sees it.

4. The recommended: is what is not included in the above items. However, some scholars saw that both are the same whereas actually they are not. An evidence that they are not the same is the statement of scholars” It is recommended to consult” Here the meaning is that one who does not consult did not overlook a compulsory action therefore the argument is not affected.

5. “It is recommended to make Istikhara”. Here the Istikhara is not done for the Haj per se unless it is a voluntary Haj (after one already performed the obligatory). Such as saying shall I perform Haj this year or no? Shall I join this group or no? Shall I take this rout to Haj or no? As Istikhara should not be performed to assume obligatory deeds or staying away from prohibited deeds.

6. Learning knowledge could be compulsory for those who don’t know it based on the hadeeth “ Seeking knowledge is compulsory for each Muslim”. One must take the company of knowledgable people in case he/she did not learn.

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A Report on the issues of Hajj

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