Rulings on the Hajj of a young boy


A Report on the issues of Hajj

By Sheikh Khalid Bin Abd Al Aziz Al Hueiseen

Compiled by: Abu Mujahed Al Maziani

Rulings on the Hajj of a young boy

1. A boy is a child who did not reach the age of puberty yet even if his age is only one hour.

2. Scholars are consensus on the permissibility of a boy’s Haj.

3. The child must follow the same rules that apply on an adult in being in Ehram, observe relevant restrictions perform the expected duties and Sunnah, etc.

4. If the boy was not able to say the Talbiyah indicating going into Ehram
his guardian must say it on his behalf as stated in Muslim’s Sahih on Jaber (may Allah be pleased with him).
• We made Talbiyah on behalf of the children.

5. If the boy asked to perform a certain ritual should his guardian allow it?
If he has knowledge or understanding then there is no harm in it, else his guardians should decide for him.

6. Is there a ransom if a child committed an act not acceptable during Haj? The correct is that there is no ransom in such a case and in proof the saying that the pen of judgment has been raised in three cases one of them being for children.

7. If a guardian intentionally violated an Ehram restriction to the boy such as covering the boy’s head for protection against the cold or heat, it will be obligatory for the guardian to make an animal sacrifice in Mecca whether during a Haj or umrah.

8. How is the boy to be carried during the Tawaf (the circling of the Kabba)?
Firstly: In case the father carried his children during Tawaf it suffices both. One Tawaf (7 rounds) suffices both the one who is carrying and the carried person.
Secondly: The tawaf of your child is not permissible if you carried him/her with his chest on your chest because in this way the Kabba will be on your child’s right side and that is wrong. Your tawaf would be acceptable, but not that of your child.
The correct method to carry your child is by having his/her back on your chest or by carrying him/her on your shoulders with his right leg on your right and his left leg on your left. This way his left will be towards the Kabba.

9. It is permissible for a child to wear a diaper as it is not included in the judgment of pants. Likewise, a person with a bladder control problem may wear a cloth or any protective covering over his genitals.

10. If the mother or the guardian became aware that their child became wet or dirty during tawaf, she is to stop her Tawaf and take her child to be cleaned. Then she is to return and continue the Tawaf from the point where she left off. She is not required to repeat the Tawaff however long she might have taken as long as she was occupied with cleaning her child and not something else.

11. The boy is to do the duties and preferred acts unless he became unable to, in such case his guardian will do it for him.

12. If the boy is able to throw the stones without any pain or risk then he should be allowed to do so, else his guardians should do it for him.

13. The boy could get pimples on his skin which require to apply ointment or powder for treatment. It is permissible as long as it is not scented.

14. If he reached puberty before reaching Arafa and performed intention of doing the Haj, then it shall be accepted of him as the Fard Haj.

15. If he reached puberty in Arafa, the correct is that his Haj will be accepted.

16. If he reached puberty after leaving Arafa, he may return to Arafa before the dawn of the day of Eid and then come back and his Haj will be accepted.


1. To be sane is a criterion for Haj to be incumbent. Thus it is not incumbent on the insane.

2. The insane: He who has lost his thinking ability and does not know what is not of use to him and what is not of a harm to him. If he is able to realize these things in certain times, then he is an idiot.

3.The insane is not responsible for any of the religious obligations are according to the Prophet (peace be upon him, his household and companions): From the Imam Ahmad: “The pen (responsibility) is raised from three…” and he mentioned amongst them “the insane until he regains his sanity.”
The insane is also not required in matters of religious law even if he speaks blasphemy.

4. If an insane regains his sanity, he will be required to perform Haj if he was past his puberty.

5. A guardian is not allowed to take Ehram while in the company of an insane

6. No punishment is to be put on an insane person because any requirements are removed from him.

7. If his sanity goes and comes at different times, like every other year, then he will be required to perform Haj during his sane period.

A Report on the issues of Hajj

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