Rulings regarding the Black Stone

Black Stone

A Report on the issues of Hajj

By Sheikh Khalid Bin Abd Al Aziz Al Hueiseen

Compiled by: Abu Mujahed Al Maziani

Rulings regarding the Black Stone:

1- Ibn Taymiyah stated that there isn’t in the world a stone that is touched and kissed except the Black Stone.

2- Kissing the Black Stone is a worship performed only at this point.

3- According to a number of hadeeth that the Black Stone came down from Jannah.

4- Other hadeeth prove that it testifies for one who touches it.
5- Other hadeeth state that when it was whiter than milk when it came down from Jannah. However became black due to sins of mankind.

6- As stated by Omar Ibn Alkhattab, it is only a stone that does neither benefit nor harm.

7- Kissing the stone must be softly without making a sound.

8- Majority of scholars see that Muslims must not crowd in order to access and kiss the stone.

9- At the beginning of the 4th century, the Qarametta stole the Black Stone and remained with them for 20 years or more. Scholars were consensus that Haj performed during that time was valid.

10- In case the stone was stolen again (may Allah Forbid), one only say Allahu Akbar at the spot and never kiss the spot.

11- It was proved that the Messenger salla Allah a`lyhee wa sallam kissed with his mouth. He also touched it using a small stick then kissed the stick (reported by Muslim).

12- In case one was unable to access the stone to either kiss it with the mouth or touch it with a stick, it is allowed to touch it with the hand and kiss it.

13- If all of the above options were not possible a man may try and place the tip of his Ehram clothes on the stone.

14- The stone is only to be kissed as part of a Haj and Ummrah rituals not in any other situation.

15- The Black Stone has many features most important of which is:

16- It does not sink into water.

17- It is not affected by fire even if it is lit around it.

18- Through these two features scholars confirmed that it is the same Black Stone when Qaramettah brought it back. They tested it against these two features. (Ibn Katheer in the Bedayah and Nihaya).

A Report on the issues of Hajj

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