Sa`y (shuttling) between Safa and Marwa

Safa and Marwa

A Report on the issues of Hajj

By Sheikh Khalid Bin Abd Al Aziz Al Hueiseen

Compiled by: Abu Mujahed Al Maziani

Sa`y (shuttling) between Safa and Marwa:

1- It is a pillar of Haj and Ummrah.

2- Sa`y is also titled Tawaf according to the Ayha:
3- ” Verily! As-Safa and Al-Marwah (two mountains in Makkah) are of the Symbols of Allah. So it is not a sin on him who perform Haj or ‘Ummrah(pilgrimage) of the House (the Ka’bah at Makkah) to perform the going (Tawaf) between them (As-Safa and Al-Marwah). And whoever does good voluntarily, then verily, Allah is All-Recogniser, All-Knower” (Quran 2:158)

4- Number of shuttles is seven starting from Safa to Marwa is one and then back from Marwa to Safa is another.

5- Safa and Marwa are two mountains.

6- In case one starts Sa`y from Marwa, this round will not be counted.

7- It is recommended for the person to climb the Safa mountain reciting the Ayah:
8- The same as above

9- According to the Messenger Salla Allah A`lyhee wa sallam, then says Allahu Abkar, Alhamdulelah and makes dua. The same manner is repeated at Marwa.

10- There isn’t a specific supplication to be made between Safa and Marwa, but it was narrated under the authority of Ibn Mas`oud may Allah be pleased with him using:
11- “Rub eghfer waarham wa tajawaz a`ma ta`lam innaka antal a`zul akram”
• Lord Forgive and bestow mercy, Overlook what You Know You are The Most Dignified The Most Generous.

12- Performing Sa`y does not entail purity in other word one may perform it while in a state of Janaba (major impurity due to intercourse or orgasm). Yet it is not perferable or Sunnah to be in such state while making Sa`y.

13- Otherwise all other Haj rituals require purity (Tahara).

14- Making the shuttles in sequence is Sunnah and Mustahab. But if one need to stop in between and then continue, he /she may do so.

15- It was proved after Sawda Bint Abdullah Ibn Omar may Allah be pleased with all of them that she made Sa`y during a whole day. As she was fat, she used to take a break whenever she became tired. (reported by Malek in Muta-a).

16- Eating and drinking between the shuttles when needed.
17- According to Sunnah, men must jog between the two green signs made on the side wall of the Sa`y aisles. Nasa-I reported that the Messenger Salla Allah A`lyhee wa sallam used to jog strongly in that position.

18- Narrated under the authority of Abdullah Ibn Omar may Allah be pleased with both of them that the Messenger Salla Allah A`lyhee wa sallam said: “women are not to jog” (reported by Daraqutny) as the woman might be exposed due to the trotting movement.

19- Enjoning good and forbiding evil during Sa`y is allowed according to a hadeeth reported by Ahmed: Narrated Abu Mo`waiya that Hisham told us, that Dhafrah narrated saying I was walking with Aasha may Allah be pleased with her among a group of women between Safa and Marwa, when she observed a woman wearing a garment with a stain on it. Aasha may Allah be pleased with her told her take this off your garment, as when the Messenger of Allah Messenger Salla Allah A`lyhee wa sallam saw this in a garment he removed it” (Good Esnad).

20- At the present time, a divider is installed to create an area for wheelchairs passengers to run between Safa and Marwa. Passing the limits of the metal divider is equal to climbing the mountain.

21- A number of scholars consider performing two Ra`aka after Sa`y as bid`a (innovation) as no daleel for this.

22- It is not allowed to perform voluntary Sa`y (not as part of a Hja or Ummrah) as it may be performed with the circumambulating around Ka`ba.

23- It was proved after the Messenger Salla Allah A`lyhee wa sallam that he only made voluntary circumambulating around Ka`ba.

24- Rulings of Sa`y applies on children of both genders.

25- As soon as Sa`y is completed one may either shave (for men) or cut hair of the head.

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A Report on the issues of Hajj

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