Shaving and cutting hair

A Palestinian child, has a pretend hair cut, part of the Hajj pilgrimage ritual, as they learn about Islam and how to perform the rituals carried out during the annual Hajj, at their Kindergarten in Rafah town in the southern Gaza Strip, on October 9, 2013. Muslims from around the world will flood the holy city of Mecca this week to perform the annual Hajj pilgrimage, which is one of the five pillars of Islam. AFP PHOTO/ SAID KHATIB (Photo credit should read SAID KHATIB/AFP/Getty Images)

A Report on the issues of Hajj

By Sheikh Khalid Bin Abd Al Aziz Al Hueiseen

Compiled by: Abu Mujahed Al Maziani

Shaving and cutting hair :

1- Scholars are consensus that it is a mandatory part of Haj and Ummrah. But they differed around whether or not it is a ritual. The predominant opinion that it is wajeb (a must).

2- Based on authentic hadeeth, shaving head hair for men is better than just cutting a part. The Messenger salla Allah a`lyhee wa sallam said: Allahum Have mercy on those who shaved three times. Companions asked him and those who only cut part? He replied and those who only cut part”
3- We conclude from this hadeeth that he invoked upon Allah to bestow mercy on those who shaved three times, while he did the same only once for those who cut part of the hair.

4- In this regard, Imam Naway may Allah Have mercy on him, explained the wisdom behind the Messenger’s salla Allah a`lyhee wa sallam dua 3 times for those who shaved and 1 time for those who cut hair as the former fully submitted to the command of the legislator, they expressed a higher level of commitment to Allah as they fully removed their for the Sake of Allah. As such, it is not permissible to fully shave head hair as a form of worship except during Haj or Ummrah.

5- If we look into the Sunnah in regards to the hair length, we find that the Messenger salla Allah a`lyhee wa sallam had his hair long to touch the end part of his ear. It was never proven after the Messenger salla Allah a`lyhee wa sallam that he fully shave his hair except during a Haj or Ummrah. Ibn Abbas may Allah be pleased with both of them said: One who shaves his hair while in his home town (meaning in Mecca not during Haj or Ummrah) is a Shaytan.

6- Imam Ahmed received a question regarding the ruling of growing long hair for men, he said it is correct and if we were capable of handling it we would have followed this manner.

7- According to Sunnah of the Messenger salla Allah a`lyhee wa sallam, it is recommended to let the barber start with the right side of the head then the left.

8- A number of scholars including Naway may Allah Have mercy on him recommended that the client (one who needs to shave after Haj or Ummrah) should not agree in advance with the barber for a certain fee. He explained it is not recommended in relation to rituals.

9- However, if the credibility of the barber was questioned, one is allowed to make an advance agreement.

10- Bukhari may Allah Have mercy on him reported in his Saheeh after the act of predecessors that the shaved hair is pure and may be used to stuff pillows and other purposes.

11- A man performing Haj must apply Sunnah in regard to hair shaving in order to attain a better reward as long as he doesn’t have an excuse.

12- He also should not mock the one who only cut part of the hair but rather kindly explain the Sunnah.

13- In case one goes for the cutting option, he must take parts from all over the head in order to apply the Ayah:

14- ” having their (head) hair shaved and cut short] (Quran 48:27)

15- It is accepted for one who chooses the cutting (could be better explained as number 1 shaving) option to only take parts of the hair from the right, left sides and front and back. Better yet not follow this in another Ummrah or Haj.

16- One who puts on his regular clothes and forgets about the shaving step, must take them off, put back Ehram garment, shave and no ransom is required.

17- He is also allowed to shave in any other city outside Mecca. But still must not take off Ehram garment before shaving.

18- Women must only cut a fingertip piece of hair.

19- The same amount of hair is cut from each braid if the woman has her hair made into this style.

20- In case the woman has short hair, she collects some of it and then cuts a fingertip amount.

21- A man who has long hair made into braids applies the rule of women in cutting a fingertip amount.

A Report on the issues of Hajj

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