Sites of Ehram

Sites of Ehram

A Report on the issues of Hajj

By Sheikh Khalid Bin Abd Al Aziz Al Hueiseen

Compiled by: Abu Mujahed Al Maziani

Sites of Ehram :

These are points scattered around different parts of the Kingdome of Saudi Arabia according to their distance from Mecca. As for the word Ehram, it is derived from Harram which is to make unlawful. The word explains a certain status one is put in upon performing Ummrah or Haj. It makes certain acts that are otherwise lawful unlawful. It puts restrictions upon lawful acts such as the manner a man is dressed up, use of perfume,…etc as it will be explained later. But we saw to shed more light on the word itself.

There are five sites, while a number of scholars added a sixth one which is Ala`qeea.

Miqats are as follows:
• Dhulhalifah or Abar Ali for those living in Medina.

• Jahfa for those living in Egypt but currently they use Rabegh because Jahfa was eliminated with water.

• Yalmlam is a small mountain for people of Yemen or whoever passes through it from anywhere else.

• Dhat Araq for people living in Iraq

• Qarnelmanazel or Qarnelta`aleb for those living in Najd.

• Jeddah serves as Miqat only for those who live there unlike the others which may be used by those who don’t live in the given place.

1. The Messenger of Allah salla Allah A`lyhee wa sallam identified the sites except one in a hadeeth.

2. Each site serves nations from different parts of the world. In other words, people must observe the site (Miqat) which the Messenger salla Allah A`lyhee wa sallam determined for them.

3. One who is intending to perform Haj or Ummrahmust take the Ehram status before passing through such sites.

4. One who passes over the site without Ehram must return back to them.

5. The sites (miqat) may serve anyone who passes through them even though he/she is not from the part of the world assigned for it. A hadeeth actually establishes this rule as follows:
6. “They are (the miqats)for them (people who live in parts of the world surrounding the miqats) and for those who pass through them other than their people” reported by consensus.

7. Ehram of those who take it after passing the Miqat is valid, however must give a ransom.

8. One who has two houses one is located before and the other is located after the Miqat may take Ehram from either or.

9. The farthest Miqat from Mecca is Dhulhalifa and the closet is Qarnelmanazel.

10. One who didn’t pass over a miqat during his/her trip due to the direction, may take Ehram when he/she passes over any of them.

11. It is allowed to by pass a far Miqat and use a closer one.

12. The established Sunnah is to take the status of Ehram at such assigned Miqats (sites) and not before them.

13. The Ehram is valid in case one takes the Ehram before reaching the site (Miqat) regardless of the distance.

A Report on the issues of Hajj

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