Stone collection (Muzdalefah)


A Report on the issues of Hajj

By Sheikh Khalid Bin Abd Al Aziz Al Hueiseen

Compiled by: Abu Mujahed Al Maziani

Stone collection (Muzdalefah)

1- The spot of Muzdalefah has three names:
• Muzadelfah because people turn to it from A`rafa.

• Mash`r: Because in includes the sacred Mash`r which is originally a mountain at Muzdalefah. Today the mountain was eliminated and replaced with a white masjed with two minarets.

• Aljama`: Because it is there where people gather (Jama`).

2- There are four opinions regarding spending the night at Muzdalefah:

• Haj is invalid for not spending the night at Muzdalefah.

• It is wajeb (mandatory) that may be comensated with a ransom if left (slaughter an animal) which is the opinion of majority of scholars.
• It is a recommended Sunnah and no ransom is required for not doing it.

• It is neither a pillar, wajeb, nor Sunnah but merely Mubah (permissible).

3- According to Suunah, Maghreb and Esha to be combined and prayed there through one Adhan and two Eqamats.

4- One takes a break between Maghreb and Esha to talk, eat or drink or other.

5- It is not recommended to perform voluntary prayer between Maghreb and Esha.

6- Also one may pray Maghreb and delay Esha for an excuse such as using the toilette, take wodu or others.

7- It is in violation to Sunnah to combine prayer (Maghreb and Esha) without Adhan and Eqamat. However, prayer remains valid.

8- The majority of scholars see that a woman may take the leadership (Imamat) of prayer with a group of women at Muzdalefah but no adhan or Eqamat are required. While few permits the adhan and Eqamat.

9- In case one arrives at Muzdalefah before Esha time, must wait then combine the Maghreb with Esha, since the reason here is to establish a ritual and not travelling.

10- Then one must pray Fajr at Muzdalefah according to Sunnah at the onset of the time, makes dua and makes remembrance of Allah at Mash`erl Haram.

11- According to Sunnah, departure from Muzdalefah is recommended before sunrise.

12- While on the way to Mina, one must collect the stones. Stone collection is not restricted on Muzdalefah.

13- The Messenger Salla Allah a`lyhee wa sallam did not perform witr at Muzdalefah neither did he perform Qiyamulail.

14- Establishing the fact of not praying Witr at Muzdalefah is based on three items:

15- The hadeeth narrated by Jaber may Allah be pleased with him saying:” The Messenger Salla Allah a`lyhee wa sallam leaned down till Fajr” which implies that he didn’t perform Witr.

16- It is expected that the companions would have related if he did perform Witr. Actually the companions were careful to relate the slightest details after the Messenger Salla Allah a`lyhee wa sallam such as when he went down to respond to the call of nature, the type of animal he used and other matters that are not even part of the rituals Even the manner he used his hand while indicating calmness calmness was related after him.

17- Therefore there isnt the slightest evidence that he performed Witr.

18- The meaning of spending the night at Muzdalefah does not entail for one to sleep. But the Wajeb is established even if one stayed up till the morning.

19- Vulnerable groups including ill women, elderly or ill people are allowed to depart from Muzdalefah after midnight.20- In case weak or ill women had to depart from Muzdalefah after midnight, the husband, father or brother may accompany them.

21- At this situation they may stone Shaytan as soon as they arrive at Mina. They don’t have to wait till Fajr.

22- Missing spending the night at Muzdalefah for an excuse such as major crowd does not require a ransom.

23- One may perform prayer before arriving to Muzdalefah in case it may be missed while still on the way.

A Report on the issues of Hajj

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