Travelling at Dulja (end of night)

Travelling at Dulja

A Report on the issues of Hajj

By Sheikh Khalid Bin Abd Al Aziz Al Hueiseen

Compiled by: Abu Mujahed Al Maziani

Travelling at Dulja (end of night)

1- Sunna approved of that.

2- The sunna manifested the wisdom of it that the land at that time of night is traversed and in explaining the hadeeth there were two sayings:

• That the traversing here is true and actual.

• It is said that the traversing here is moral and because the road is very dark and cannot be seen. But the first tafseer is the accepted one.

3- At this time of night is the time when our Rabb descends to the lower skies, so maybe at that time, will be confronted with Allah’s blessings and gifts by accepting his dua’ and many other benefits.

4- Dulja, is translated by some scholars that it is the end of the night. Others say it is the beginning of the night, but the accepted and approved upon is that it is the end. It is measured as the end of 1/3 of the night.

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A Report on the issues of Hajj

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