Islamic law : Some of the provisions of the Islamic law alone on the laws of the world!

الأحكام الإسلامية

Islamic law : Some of the provisions of the Islamic law alone on the laws of the world!

Islamic law

1- Organizing slave conditions and preparing them for liberation.

2 – Prohibition of riba; to preserve the economic balance and protect the poor from extortion.

3 – Protect the fools from the greed of traders (the option of injustice, the option of defect, etc.)

4 – reconciliation on recognition and denial.

5 – stone the money of foolishness to guide

6 – Masaqa and farmer.

7 – Preemption for the partner and neighboring neighbor.

8 – revival of the dead and the establishment of ownership.

9 – the legitimacy of the reward and the need to make up.

10. It is necessary to publicize the photograph and not to capture it.

11 – The duty to care for the litter (who does not know the proportion).

12 – control the behavior of the patient dreaded death disease.

13 – Apportionment of inheritance in an outstanding manner.

14 – Prohibition of about 25 women is not permissible for a Muslim to marry one of them including descent, breastfeeding, intermarriage, rape, temporary prohibition, etc.

15 – cutting the hand of the thief.

16 – Pay the murderer to the parents of the dead to judge what they wanted to kill or pardon

17 – The obligation to pay for a person who is unable to earn money on all his heirs by imposing or inflicting.

18 – the obligation to support the beasts and charity to captive animals.

19. The obligation of righteousness on parents.

20 – the necessity of the connection of the uterus.

21 – Imposing the death penalty wrong (100 suit) or the equivalent of its price !!

22. 80 lashes were imposed on the charge of adultery.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. If this subject were to be investigated,

it would have been a scientific message, and if I forget God in the old age,

we will gather what can be collected from it.

Abdul Hamid Benali