Bad Breath

Bad Breath

Bad Breath

The above Hadith also gives the faster good news regarding the
changing breath of the faster, which is sweeter to Allah (SWT)
than musk. The changing breath of the mouth is a vivid physi-
cal testimony of this discipline. As much as we hate bad breath,
in fasting it is a good thing, for it is caused by the coating
which appears on the upper surface of the tongue soon after the
commencement of the fast. After desiring food, the body be-
gins to digest such waste material and deposits of fat as are
available to it. This coating on the tongue is an outward proof
that inner elimination is in progress. As soon as the digestive
organs have been purified, the mouth returns to normal.

In a hadith related by Abdullah Bin Omar, the Prophet said:

“Fasting (Siyaam) and the Book of Allah (Al-Qur’an)
will intercede for the servant on the Day of Judgment.
The fasting will say: ‘O, Allah, I denied him nourish-
ment and sex during the daytime. Let me intercede on
his behalf, and Al-Qur’an will say: ‘I denied him sleep
during night time; so let me intercede on his behalf.’ So
Allah will allow them to intercede on his behalf.” (Ah-

This hadith indicates on the Day of Judgment, when the events
will be overwhelming and the outcome uncertain, the fast and
the Book will intercede for the servants of Allah. As every sec-
ond of daytime devotion and every letter of Al-Qur’an voices
their pleasure openly with you during the witnessing and inter-
viewing, bear in mind that Shafa’ah (intercession), is an ex-
treme privilege and a rare commodity. Even the average
prophet will not attempt to intercede for anyone on this day.

Shal bin Sa’ad reported the Messenger of Allah (saas) said:

“Paradise (Jannah) has a door called Rayyan (the
quencher), which is preserved for those who observed
fasting on the Day of Judgment. It will be announced,
‘Where are those who observed fasting?’ The door,
Rayyan, will not be closed until the last one of them en-
ters.” (Bukhari and Muslim)

This is what the pleasure of Allah is all about. The person who
observes fasting becomes an elite in the hour that every other
person is busy turning the pages of their books of deeds. This is
the time you are pulled away through the Rayyan Gate to Para-

Abu Sa’eed Al-Khudree related the Messenger of Allah (saas)

“If a servant of Allah fasts a day for the pleasure of Al-
lah (SWT), He will distance his face from the hellfire, in
the equivalent of that day, which, in the sight of Allah,
will take seventy years to cover.” (Bukhari/Muslim)

The Hereafter is real, and rewarding evil in kind is also real;
but as a reward to those who observe the fast, Allah (SWT)
will distance them from the ultimate punishment. These four
reports underscore the spiritual as well as the physical value of
Siyaam, fasting.

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