Call to the Qur’an

Call to the Qur’an

Call to the Qur’an

The tenth item in the priority list for Ramadhan is calling towards #Qur’an and

You can understand easily that there can be no better service or sympathy to a
person than to save him from Allah’s wrath and Fire and bring him to Allah’s

pleasure and His #Paradise. The hunger and thirst in this world will end with life
here. Here, all sorrows and pains will pass away, but the hunger and thirst in the
Hereafter will never go away.

No deliverance from sorrow and pain will be possible there.

Meal of thorns, drink of blood, pus, and boiling water will become lasting
fate. So, if one’s services save him from hunger and thirst there and rid him of
sorrows and pains, then his services are worth it.

Since you get full reward for providing #iftar to the #fasting, you will similarly be rewarded with the good deeds of
those you call to the path of virtue and #goodness. If you could realise, this sets the
chain of never ending reward.

It is Qur’an because of which Ramadhan has got its status and dignity.

What other time could be better than the month of Qur’anic revelation for conveying the
message of Qur’an to all people, create awareness in them about the teachings of
Qur’an, invite them to the #Qur’anic mission, and enable them to rise up to the task
of upholding the trust of Qur’an.

You might well be occupied with your personal matters. Your attention is drawn
towards self-purification, recitation of Qur’an, supplementary prayers, and earning
maximum good deeds for yourself.

But this focus should not make you oblivious of this biggest good act, this chain of never ending reward. In return, call to #Allah and to Qur’an provide the most effective means of your own purification and training.

In the month of #Ramadhan, hearts are generally inclined to doing good. This is why
it is more probable that people would listen to you, that their hearts may receive
your #message well, accept it and devote their lives for this objective, or at least do
something towards the end for which Allah sent down His #Prophet and Qur’an.
There can be two approaches to do this.

First, add to your ‘things to do in Ramadhan’ plan the duty of calling to #Allah, talk on #Qur’anic mission and
mobilising for serving the cause of Islam. Invite people to Iftar, and take out some
time to talk with them. In your interaction with colleagues, keep this duty in mind.

Start your talk with reference to Ramadhan and take it to the need of fulfilling the
mission of Qur’an.

Second, note down a few names from among the list of your relatives and visitors.
Take it upon yourself that with continuous and warm contact with them during the
month of Ramadhan, you would prepare them to work for the objective of Qur’an.

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