Categories of Fasters

Categories of Fasters

Categories of Fasters

The faster excels in the degree and the depth of his fasting in
proportion to the intent and in the way he communicates with
Allah as well adheres to the rules of fasting. Ibn Rajab (raa)
stated the people who observe the fasting are two categories.

One who abstains from food and drink and sexual desires for
the sake of Allah, in so doing, he desires a return from Allah in
a form of paradise, Jannah. He resembles a businessman who
trades, bargains and deals with Allah (swt). Allah in turn will
not neglect nor deny him his due reward. For no one whoever
deals or trades with Allah ever lost a thing. Instead, the person
will be rewarded a great deal more. The Messenger (saas) told
a man:

“When you abstain from anything for the fear of Allah,
He will substitute you something better.” (Ahmed)

The faster will receive in paradise what he wishes of food,
drinks and desires. Allah (swt) sates:

“Eat ye and drink ye with full satisfaction be-
cause of a (good) that ye sent before you in the
days that are gone.”

(Al-Qur an,69:24)

According to Imam Mujahid this verse refers to the righteous
faster. In a hadith the Messenger saw Abdur Rahman bin Sam-
rah in a vision, he said:

“I saw a man from my community lolling his tongue for
thirst, whenever he comes near to water fountain he is
denied a drink and sacked, then fasting of Ramadan
came and gave him water and quenched him.” (Tabra-

The other category is the believer who fasts by abstaining from
worldly things for Allah. His heart fasts from grieve and greed
for material possessions, his mind fasts from wishful thinking
while his heart and soul are ever fresh with the remembrance of
Allah and the Final Day. This faster’s iftar, fast break, is when
he or she meets Allah, and his happiness is when he sees his
Maker. This is fasting of khawasul khawas, specials of the spe-
cials, the ^aarifeen, truly wise and knowing.

The ^aarifeen, truly wise, are the people who are not enter-
tained nor gratified by material earthy things, no sound, seen,
or shape can gratify them beside Allah. No ocean can quench
their thirst but the continence of Allah, their ambitions are big-
ger then this world. In a net shell whoever fasts by the com-
mand of Allah from lusts for food, drink, and desires, Allah
will greet him in the Hereafter in the Jannah, and whoever
fasts from anything but Allah his final ‘Eid will be when he is
granted the ultimate honor of seen his Lord. Allah states:

“For those whose hopes are in the meeting with
Allah (in the Hereafter, let them strive) for the
term (appointed) by Allah is surly coming and
He hears and knows all thing.”

(Al-Qur x an, 29: 5)

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