Essentials of Ramadan The Month of Fasting

Essentials of Ramadan

Essentials of Ramadan

The Month of Fasting

Tajuddin B. Shuaib

#Essentials of Ramadan : [O You who Believe, fear Allah. And let every soul look to what it has sent on for tomorrow.

Fear Allah, surely #Allah is well-acquainted with what you do.

And do not be like those who forgot Allah, so He made them forget their own souls.

Such are the rebellious transgressors.]

(Al-Hashr 59:18-19)

About The Book and the Author

Essentials of #Ramadan the #Fasting #Month

Tajuddin B. Shu aib

This is an in-depth resume of the essential rules and laws on the Fiqh of fasting designed to provide the reader with explana-tion

for both spiritual and physical significance and uniqueness of this remarkable act of worship.

Sheikh Shu’aib clarifies ma-jor point on fasting.

His focus is relevance of this divine disci-pline on to the life and living as well as the interpretation of related text on #Fasting based on Al-Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah (saas).

This book serves as a guide and reference on courses on #Islamic studies.

SHEIKH TAJUDDIN B. SHIT AIB born in Accra, Republic of Ghana West Africa.

He received his Islamic education at Is-lamic University Median, Saudi Arabia.

While in England in 1976 he joined the Muslim Educational Trust in London and was put in charge of Islamic studies program in the City of Lu-ton.

He came to United States of America in 1977 and worked with the world community of Islam in the West at the organiza-tions west coast headquarters.

In 1981 he was co-fonder of Masjid As-Salaam and Islamic studies center where he is work-ing now as the director and the Imam.

Sheikh Stufaib is an Is-lamic educator and has travelled to several states to deliver lec-tures in Masajid and Universities.

He has also made several radio and television appearances and interviewed by Time magazine.

He is the author of the now famous book The Pre-scribed #Prayer Made Simple


THIS #BOOK is dedicated to #Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’aalaa whose guidance, help and grace was instrumental in making this humble work a reality.

I have many people to thank for their assistance.

Sister Linda El-Amin processed the manuscript.

Brother Shafiq Qasim read the entire book.

Sister Muslimah and Muhammad Alaby and her Dr.

Isma’il Abdul Karim provided fresh per- spectives and fine editorial counsel.

I am indebted to sheikh Ibrahim M.

Al Habr director of Masjid Ibn Taymiyyah, Los Angeles California and Imam Ghurmallah A. Al-Ghamdi, Imam Masjid Riverside, California for their technical and scho-lastic inputs.

I want to express my appreciation to every person who contributed with either inspirational or actual work with this book.

I pray to Allah that He rewards each a beatify re-ward.

The Messenger of Allah (saas) reported in a Hadith Al-Qudsi that Allah said:

“All services of the son of Adam are for him except fast-ing, It is for Me, and I will reward him for it.” (Buk-hari/Muslim)

Essentials of Ramadan : Table of contents

  1. The Month of Fasting : Introduction
  2. Fasting (Siyaam)
  3. The Merits of Fasting
  4. Bad Breath
  5. What is Ramadan ?
  6. Legal Status of Ramadan
  7. Ascertaining the Crescent (Hilal)
  8. International Sighting
  9. Basic Elements of Fasting
  10. The Seat of the Niyyah
  11. For Whom is Fasting Mandatory?
    1. Non-Muslim (Kafir)
    2. Insane (Majnun)
    3. Minor (Sabiyy)
    4. Puberty – Boys
    5. Puberty – Girls
  12. Elderly People -(Harim)
  13. Physical Disability (Al-Ajiz)
  14. Feeding (Itaam)
  15. Pregnant And Nursing Mothers
  16. The Traveler
  17. The Non-Terminally Ill
  18. Breaking Fast to Save Life
  19. Redemption of Ramadan (Al-Qada)
  20. Days in Which Fasting is Prohibited
  21. Voluntary Fast – Tatawwu’u
  22. Fasting and Breaking Fast
  23. Permission Regarding Voluntary Fast
  24. Rules of Fasting (Adab as-Siyam)
    1. Sahuur
    2. Doubt in the Break of Dawn
    3. Hasten to Break Fast
    4. Supplications during and at Break Time
    5. Examples of Supplications During Ramadan
    6. Avoidance of the Things that Contra-dict the Spirit of Fasting
  25. Oral Hygiene
  26. The Use of Toothpaste
  27. Categories of Fasters
  28. Charity
  29. Recitation of Al-Qur’an (Tilawatul Qur’an)
  30. Du’aa of Recitation of the Entire Qur’an (Du’a Khatmil Qur’an)
  31. Striving in Devotion in the Last Ten Days of Ramadan
  32. Things Permitted During Fast
  33. Things Permitted to the Faster as Un-avoidable
  34. Nullifiers of the Fast
    1. Nullifiers that Entail Redemption (Al-Qada)
    2. Nullifiers that Entails Redemption and Expiation (Al-Qada & Kaffaarah)
  35. Conditions of Fast Breakers
  36. Duties After Ramadan
    1. Fast Breaking Alms (Zakaatul Fitr)
    2. Redemption of Ramadan
    3. Fasting on Behalf of the Deceased
  37. Muslims Near the North or South Pole
  38. The Night of Power
  39. Achieving the Essence of Obedience
  40. What Constitutes Innovation (Bid’ah)?
  41. Ramadan Nightly Prayer (Taraweeh)
  42. Taraweeh
  43. The Wisdom behind Fasting
    1. Behavior Modification
    2. Heath Care
    3. Patience
    4. Social Outlook
    5. Family Ties
    6. Ramadan Believers
  44. Comparison between the Fasting in Islam and Other Religions
  45. Bidding the Month Farewell
  46. The Battle of Badr
  47. Conquest of Makkah
  48. The Elements of Victory
  49. Retreat (Al-I’etikaaf)
  50. The Lesser Hajj (‘Umrah)
  51. Epilogue

End of Article : Essentials of Ramadan The Month of Fasting