Essentials of Ramadan

Essentials of Ramadan

While I surfing a book store, I found this booklet which is a part of a library dedicated for the new Muslim.

It contains useful and yet brief information in addition to a number of fatwas (legal opinions). is part 6 of the new Muslim library.

Actually I was very happy to find such a library.

I wish that Allah supports me enough to be able to copy all its part so as to add it to to serve our new Muslim brothers and sisters. However,

what makes me sad is that the booklet was only loaded to our site at a late time. I really wished that I have found it before or at the beginning of Ramadan.

But Alhamdulelah and Qadar Allah ma sha`a fa`l (what Allah decreed He Did).

May be we can still make use of it during the remianing part of the month and other coming Ramadans Insh a Allah In order to copy the booklet I used a scanner, which is supposedly a perfect method.

Insh a Allah I am going to upload another booklet which is manual of Zakat.

All what I need is dua in my absence for Allah to Help me and Support me to complete this work.

Also that Allah provides me with sincerity and reward to see the fruit of this effort as well as the efforts of my brothers and sisters in Allah members of islammessage forums

You may Download the booklet by following the link: en_Essentials_of_Ramadan