Quest for Goodness

Quest for Goodness

Quest for Goodness

Special quest for #goodness and virtues of all kinds is the fourth most important
things to do in #Ramadhan.

While quest for all types of virtue all the time should be part of a Muslim’s nature,
yet this quest should acquire special features in the month of Ramadhan – because

it is this month in which a small virtue brings the reward of obligatory acts, and
obligatory acts’ reward increase 70 times, or even more.30 This is, indeed, a great

This quest should continue regarding the acts of worship – such as trying to join in
congregational #prayers with the first call (takbir Tahrima) and regularity in
#supplementary prayers. But this quest should also be in the field of human
relations – it is virtue to meet a #Muslim brother smilingly, it is virtue to remove
what may cause pain to him, it is virtue to fill his water-skin with water. Hearing
about obligatory and supplementary acts of virtue, your attention goes only to
#prayers. Yet, obligatory and recommended deeds are spread over the entire
spectrum of life.

When a person arranges for non-mandatory virtues along with the mandatory
ones, obviously he does so on his own volition, since there is no explanation called
if he does not observe these virtues. When a person strives quite willingly in the
way of #Allah, and uses every single and minor opportunity to please his Lord, then,
as a Hadith-Qudsi tells, Allah says that He starts loving that person, becomes his
ears with which he hears, becomes his eyes with which he sees, becomes his feet
on which he stands and walks.31

In this vein, you may, for instance, select three things and stick to them fervently
during #Ramadhan. These are: to offer congregational #prayers regularly, not to
inflict any harm to others, to meet everyone with a smile.

Making the Most of Ramadhan

30 Al-Baihaqi, narrated by Salman Al-Farisi
31 Al-Bukhari, narrated by Abu Hurairah