Redemption of Ramadan

Redemption of Ramadan

Redemption of Ramadan

When a faster misses a day or days due to valid reasons men-
tioned previously, they should be redeemed after Ramadan.
The redemption is mandatory, not immediately but delayed
mandatory, known as “wajib ‘at-Tarakhi. ” Although by this
jurisprudent principle, there is a period of eleven months to
complete your Ramadan, it is preferred to make up these
missed days as soon as possible, for Allah (SWT) says:

“…Then strive together (as in a race) towards all
that is good…”

(Al-Qur an, 2:148)

This verse indicates hastening to offer deeds is preferred for
that is in the spirit of completing your Ramadan, and absolving
the faster of the liability of unfasted days, rather than have it
drag on for eleven months. After all, there is a possibility of
death and missing the days altogether, as a result.

If there is reason to delay it, it is permitted to delay it no later
than before the next Ramadan, or no later then the number of
days he missed before the next Ramadan. If he missed five
days, they should be redeemed not later than five days before
the next Ramadan.

In an authenticated hadith attributed to Aishah (raa), she used
to make up missed days in the month of Sha’aban, a month be-
fore Ramadan. If you miss more than one day you have the op-
tion to make them up consecutively or separately. Allah (SWT)

” Fasting is for a fixed number of days. But if
any of you is ill or on a journey, the missed
number (of days) should be redeemed from days

(Al-Qur an, 2:187)

Thus, one who is ill or travels during Ramadan and does not
fast, should fast days later to cover the ones missed, either in a
group, all five days together, observed from Monday through
Friday, or spread the five days over a whole month.

In a hadith related by Ibn ‘Umar (raa), the Messenger of Allah
said, referring to the redeeming of missed Ramadan fasts:

“If he pleases, he redeems separately or consecutively.”


No one should delay the making up of his missed days until
next Ramadan, unless there is a valid reason. In this event, one
should fast the present Ramadan, then make up the days missed
in the previous Ramadan as soon as possible before the next

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