Retreat (Al-I’etikaaf)


 Retreat (Al-I’etikaaf) I’etikaaf is from the root word “Akafa” to adhere, cling, stick or keep. It means to engage and to devote something, to a thing, be it good or bad. Allah (SWT) states in Al-Qu’ran: […]

Month Farewell

Bidding the Month Farewell


 Bidding the Month Farewell Allah (SWT) has mandated on us three acts to observe at the end of Ramadan. Zakatul-Fitr, Takbeer, and ‘Eid Prayer #Takbeer Allah has ordained upon the believers the utterance of takbeer, ‘Allah is […]


Your way to Islam : SALAT (PRAYER)


 CHAPTER 13 THE TWO SHAHADAS (DECLARATIONS) Ash-Shahadah means to say, with a firm belief in heart, and mind, the following: ’Ash-hadu ’an Laa ’ilaha ’illal-Lahu, Wa’ash-hadu ’anna Muhammadan rasulul-Lah. The meaning of these is: I bear […]