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The Elements of Victory


 The Elements of Victory Allah (SWT) granted the believers #victory after victory in dif-ferent campaigns, in Badr, #Makkah, Hunayn, #Quds, in Spain, and many other places. Allah’s help to the #believers, is the ful-fillment of His […]

Place of Birth
Prophet Muhammad

Place of Birth and Childhood


 Place of Birth and Childhood . An article introducing main information about the Prophet’s background, his reputation among his people (the Arabs), his birth place which is Makkah where he also received revelation commissioning him […]

Who is the Messenger
Prophet Muhammad

Who is the Messenger , Muhammad?


 Who is the Messenger , Muhammad? : This short article sheds light on the Messenger of God (Allah) Muhammad’s lineage, reputation, and positions. It particularly introduces the situation when Heraclius received a letter from Prophet […]